Fruity Pebbles cereal needed to engage its new generation of kids. The Flintstones were no longer relevant to the younger generation.

We created the team pebbles experience. A whole campaign pitting John Cena captain of Team Fruity against Kyrie Irving captain of Team Cocoa. It is a full 360 program with support from packaging, tv, online banners and videos. At the core of this rivalry is the Team Pebbles App.


The project started with UX and wireframes. We tested the wireframes with kids, refined some of our thinking and started the design. The app allows players to make custom avatars, play games, pick a side, complete missions, and purchase Pebbles gear from the team store. I helped design out sections of the app, and directed an illustrator to make the 100+ pieces of the avatar creator.


Inside of the Team Pebbles app is a game called UP UP UP. I designed, illustrated and created all pieces of the game. From Character Development to all of the animation states. Working very closely with the development team we created a 30+ level game and delivered on time.


Jump your way to the top to get your Pebbles back!