Holiday is the biggest program that Grey Goose Vodka runs every year.

As art director I planned and executed the entire holiday campaign, from concepting new packaging to planning and directing photoshoots. I was able to push the boundaries on comfort with the client and this was the first year Grey Goose had ever had people in their point of sale pieces. They now always use people in their point of sale elements.



I concepted the above innovative garnish tray and bottle glorifier gift pack. The outer structure make up the garnish tray and bottle glorifier.


The holiday hero shot from a rough sketch all the way to the final product. The entire planning process took over a month but the final product is elegant and in line with the TV advertising.


Worked with client to concept and execute the holiday traditional and premium gift boxes.


Cocktails are a big part of the Grey Goose program. Above are a few from holiday, from sketch to final product. I managed all aspects of all three photo shoots for the holiday program.


The final product comes to life in the in store display elements. Getting you to pick up that bottle of Grey Goose as a gift or just for you.