Enterprise Rent-a-Car wanted to rebrand WeCar and combine a few of their other car sharing programs into one. The result is Enterprise CarShare.


The project started with a brief, idea, and a name. The next step was to figure out what it looked like? The logo and branding had to stay true to the Enterprise brand standards, while showcasing that this is a new product. You will see various logos but none of these made it to be the final logo. The one in the center was the second runner up.



Part of the Challenge with the car sharing model that Enterprise had, was that it had to hit 3 different consumers. We had students, city dwellers, and business professionals. The print campaign had to hit all three yet keep the look and the feel of the brand. Above are two concepts both are executions centered around the user and what they do with the car. The car sharing customer is not really one who cars about the car yet what they can do when they rent it only when they need it.


Once we had a logo and a look, it was time to start building the website. I started at the wireframes and mobile first, building out fully functional wireframes using the Axure tool.


Once the wireframes were set in place and tested we moved to creative. There were three looks presented but my look along with the flat graphic feel from the selected from one of the print campaigns is what the final site became to be.


Enterprise CarShare is not a responsive site, but a desktop and a mobile solution. This came to be because of the two types of users and the amount of time one might have. The mobile site is much smaller and to the point, where the desktop solution has time to explain itself. Both sites can quickly get you to the sign up or rental process.